Sales Without Targets - Creating a Total Service Solutions Environment

# Sales Without Targets - Creating a Total Service Solutions Environment## I was told the other day of a set of individual and team targets set by a competitor\; naturally it posed the question, what are ours?**Now this may fly in the face of conventional sales thinking but we don't have any. Individual sales targets don't exist, a team target doesn't exist, individual product targets don't exist, at least not at Codeweavers. That's not to say we don't have budgets and aspirations, we do, but I firmly believe our aspirations will be met not through achieving any targets set by me or the company but precisely by not setting any.**Now at this point most conventional sales ideologists would be breaking out into a cold sweat thinking I had lost my mind but let me explain. What we are trying to create is a total service solutions environment where the solution to the customer is king, and targets will only ever get in the way of it. Its the reason our 4 dealer calculator solutions, Plugin, Web Service, Flexicalc and Finance Finder are now exactly the same price, so the decision on the service that best fits is not financial but solutions driven. Its the reason that we may sometimes advise a customer not to take one of our solutions as it may not suit their business needs, how many sales people who need to hit a target would do that? Targets create pressure on a sales team to meet them and it risks directing their sales meeting to an outcome that suits the target not necessarily the customer and that's a risk I've decided to remove entirely. As with any concept though the proof is in the pudding but since we adopted the philosophy the pudding looks pretty good. It seems customers really appreciate the approach, they like choosing solutions without being directed to the one that suits us, rather being given all the options and directed to choose the one that suits them. They also seem to like the message that we won't ask them to sign 2-year contracts like our competition, rather we ask them to stay with us because they want to and because our services add value, not because of an arbitrary contract term. It also means we have to stay on our game and stay ahead of the competition and that's a target that means something. So can sales work without targets? Our best start to a year in our history says it can, creating a total service solutions environment has worked for us and its certainly seems to be working for our customers. So if you want to ask a Codeweaver a question they can't answer ask them how they are doing against their target.


By: Codeweavers - 21/03/16

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