Roundup of Codeweavers Digital Marketing Event

## Roundup of Codeweavers Digital Marketing EventA huge thank you to everyone who attended and participated in Codeweavers' Digital Marketing Conference, hosted at the Moat House In Acton Trussell. The day was packed with great speeches and thought-provoking Q&A Sessions.Already we have had some great feedback such as *'One of the best automotive/finance conferences I've attended. Highly relevant subject matter and quality speakers.'* and '*Excellent and very informative presentations on topics of real current interest*'All attendees arrived at 9.30 am and were greeted with bacon sandwiches and plenty of tea and coffee to keep them fuelled for the next couple of hours. (image shaun.png)Shaun Harris, Codeweavers Sales Director was first up welcoming everyone to the conference and with his talk on 'The changing retail environment'. Shaun discussed his own experiences when he was in the retail sector and the 3 death's of the high street and any lessons to learn from this. He brought forward stats, surveys and discussed how individuals from the motor industry can join the dots.(image nick.jpg)Following Shaun was Nick Bradshaw, CEO and John Butcher, Digital Director at (link https// text Oakbase Integrated Marketing). There were plenty of notes taken at their presentation as they went into real detail about ways you can game change your marketing.(image john.jpg)They also went into details on how to create successful search campaigns, revisiting your brand essence and how to engage with your target audience.(image jonny.jpg)There was a short break where everyone was fuelled with biscuits and tea and coffee and time to digest the first two talks. Next up was Jonny Combe, General Manager, Product & Channel Development at (link http// text BMW Financial Services). Jonny discussed the effects of consumer changing habits and how BMW have moved with these changes. Jonny was fired with questions coming from all directions as his presentation really engaged all who was at the conference.The day then followed with a much-needed lunch break. It gave everyone the opportunity to get to know and network with one another and sample the fabulous meals from the Moat House restaurant.(image carwow.jpg)The afternoon consisted of two thought provoking Q&A sessions. First up was Rob Abrahams, Market Development Manager, and John Miele, Sales Director at (link text carwow). The topic of the Q&A session was 'Enhancing the online car buying experience*Italic text*'. Shaun from Codeweavers kicked off the questions and asked questions such as '*What do you think is the key consumer appeal of (link text carwow's)*' and '*What are the three main areas you would recommend a dealer to focus on online'*. John and Rob provided some interesting answers and convinced many dealers that (link text carwow) is the kind of platform that consumers want to use and that dealers need to react to the change in consumer car buying behaviour and the way consumers want to be able to buy a car.(image carwow.jpg)Following on from (link text carwow ) and ending the day was a final Q&A session on '*Developing an online brand*' coordinated by Shaun from Codeweavers and the panelists included - Simon Palmer - Used Car Sales Director at (link http// text Hendy Group), Jeremy Philips - Group Marketing Manager at (link http// text Rowes Group) and Ian Godbold - Marketing & CRM Director at (link http// text Cambria plc). It was great to get their views from their dealer groups experiences and their way of working. Jeremy was asked questions such as '*How important is it for you to have a local brand identity and do you think your location plays a part in how you market the Rowes brand*', Ian was asked questions such as '*You have 6 different brands within the group, do you have an overall Cambria brand strategy or do you develop a brand strategy for each of the 6?*' and Simon such as '*Do you market the Hendy brand across the franchised sites and car supermarket in the same way or are their subtle differences in how you use digital and social media for each?*'. All of the panelists answered the questions honestly and gave really insightful answers.(image xxx.jpg)If anyone has any questions about the day or would like further information please contact Charlotte from our marketing team on (email text are already planning and throwing ideas around for the next one!


By: Codeweavers - 29/04/16

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