Robins & Day Start Retailing Online with Codeweavers Technology

##Robins & Day Start Retailing Online with Codeweavers Technology##Robins & Day, the PSA Group-owned retail group, becomes the first dealer to launch its online retailing platform with motor fintech experts Codeweavers ‘Reserve it Now’ technology. An elegantly simple tool for customers, as well as helping customers to reserve their chosen used car online, as the name suggests, Reserve it Now provides a welcoming cultural experience with the required deposit very clearly marked as fully refundable. This is the online used car buying process as car buyers say they want it. “We know that the majority of car buyers start their car buying journey online and we also know that an increasing number of new car buyers are looking to buy online. However, this last point is, as yet, not true for used car buyers. The online used car buyer still wants to see and touch the car and ensure they are comfortable with the dealer. Working in partnership with Codeweavers Reserve it Now bridges this gap,” Harry Pennington, Marketing Manager at Robins & Day.Reserve it Now has been designed to create greater trust in the dealer and car. The technology developed by Codeweavers is overlaid with an ethos centred upon making buying easier. Barriers, such as car availability and concern about the car are eradicated by building positive psychological attributes into the process. Simple steps that affirm trust, such as the simplicity of the process, clarity of the page view layout and refundable deposit offer are all designed to build value in the car and dealer.The ethos that is built into Reserve it Now was tested with Robins & Day Citroen Coventry in a soft launch just before Christmas. What nobody anticipated was that the service would deliver its first reservation and subsequent sale on Christmas day! The service is now live across all Robins and Day dealerships and after just under a month 56 car buyers have clicked into Reserve it Now to buy their chosen car.Commenting on this latest innovation, Codeweavers’ Sales Director Shaun Harris reflects\; “Our research tells us that car buying is often seen as either a battleground or as an overly friendly and potentially insincere experience. Most buyers want a simple process that is congruent with their needs, providing the information needed and relevant in a simple format\; this is what helps to build trust. As we have established working with Robins & Day, this elegant simplicity works.”**To learn more about Robins & Day’s Reserve Online feature, you can visit . **


By: Codeweavers - 06/03/18

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