Red Print Finance Explainer videos now available

## Red Print Finance Explainer videos now availableAfter listening to our customers' feedback, we are now providing a red version of Codeweavers blueprint videos. The blueprint videos were produced last year as Codeweavers' latest style of finance explainer videos and are used on 100's of dealer websites across the UK. Many dealers who we work with said that they felt having a red print version of the videos would really suit and be in keeping with their website branding. So this is what we did, created a red version of the blueprint videos!You can view this range of video's here - (link https// text https// Available videos are What is Hire Purchase, What is PCP, What is LP and Why finance through a dealer.If you would like these videos on your website and you are currently a Codeweavers customer, get in contact with us know and we will add these video's to your site and replace the ones you have!If you haven't already seen the different styles of finance explainer videos Codeweavers provides, you can view them here -(link https// text https//


By: Codeweavers - 13/05/16

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