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Reacting to shifting trends in consumer behaviour

#Reacting to shifting trends in consumer behaviour##Technology should react to shifting trends in consumer behaviour and be built in a way so that it can be enhanced continuously for the future.When you are selecting a software provider to provide you with a solution, the solution should be innovative and solve a problem. A software provider should have credibility, expertise in the area you require a solution, an innovative approach and an excellent speed of delivery. Codeweavers connects people intelligently to their next vehicle by providing innovative technology to the automotive industry. With over 16 years experience in finance technology, Codeweavers helps dealers to sell more cars by providing a comprehensive range of beautifully tailor-made solutions, from finance calculators, lead generation tools and online car retailing solutions to powerful quoting and multi-lender systems.We have put together a range of guidance for dealers to think about when selecting a software provider to work with. ##Multiple processes just gets confusingHaving multiple processes and systems in a dealership can be time-consuming and confusing, it also means that there is more room for mistakes to happen. Rather than continuing solely to offer its point of sale system “Showroom” to dealers, Codeweavers has created a range of API’s that allow any CRM or DMS provider to create their own point of sale finance solution using Codeweavers finance services. It means that deals do not have to login to multiple systems and go through multiple processes, finance leads and proposals are all held in one system. ##Long-term contracts a thing of the pastTechnology should enable dealers to be able to react, adjust and innovate continuously. Software providers should be able to deliver measurable results in a short length of time rather than persuading you that a lengthy contract is the answer to get those results. Codeweavers believe short-term contracts support long-term visions. Codeweavers have found that dealers have enjoyed the flexibility of short-term contracts and have been able to switch between Codeweavers range of calculators and lead generation tools to determine what suits their website, providing control to the dealer. ##Variation is the spice of lifeWhen selecting a software solution that is already available, it is important to ensure that the solution can be tailored to your requirements and that there is a range of solution that can be adapted to best suit the needs of the dealership. Codeweavers provide a range of finance calculators for dealers to pick from. The range of calculators include allowing car buyers to select their credit scores or lenders they want to work with when personalising a finance quote. The calculators can include features such as sliders, free text input boxes and alerts when they select a quote that’s outside your chosen lenders parameters. All of Codeweavers calculators can include a dealer’s branding and are continually updated and enhanced to remain at the forefront of the industry.##Reacting to your consumer’s behaviourToday, a growing number of people want their car purchasing journey to mirror the way they buy other goods and services. Are you monitoring how your consumers want to search through your vehicles and buy through you? Codeweavers has recently launched an eRetail solution providing the ability for car buyers to reserve a vehicle through a dealers website and put down a deposit. Even if some of your car buyers aren’t ready for this, you are providing them with the option for when they do.We hope you have found this guidance useful. If you would like any further information about selecting a software provider to work with Codeweavers will be happy to help.


By: Codeweavers - 26/02/18

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