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Project Structure Dojo

Weekly Dojos

We recently decided that we should hold a dojo every week that will be organised and ran by one member of the team. The idea behind this is that the team member can choose practically anything for the dojo that they feel will add value to the team and the company as a whole, I was first up.

Project Structure Dojo

For the first of these dojos I chose to concentrate on the structure of our projects.

Reason Behind Dojo

The reason I chose this dojo was because we currently have a different structure throughout a lot of our projects which can make it a little difficult to quickly and easily switch between projects at times as you have to take a second to work out where things are and where new things need to go.


The plan with this dojo was to have a quick discussion of our current projects and their structure to see which if any are the closest to our ideal. After we all had a fresh idea of what we currently have across our projects I planned to create a new project that as a team we would build up to be a skeleton of our ideal structure.

The Dojo

We started by hooking up the projector to one of the machines and getting a couple of our projects up on-screen/wall for the whole team to see as we have previously found this to be the best way to discuss our existing projects. As a result we actually found a project that was quite a close match to our ideal.

After some discussion of the pros and cons of the structure of the projects reviewed, we decided to start on our skeleton solution. As part of this process we had a useful discussion around tests, the main topics discussed being MbUnit vs MSTest and whether we should split fixtures into their own files or leave multiple fixtures in one file.


By the end of the dojo we ended up with a better knowledge the projects reviewed and a new solution that contained the basis of the project and folder structure that we all agreed would best suite our requirements, that all new projects would conform to and that we aim to migrate existing projects to.


By: Codeweavers - 01/09/12

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