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Product Update Customer Prompts

# Product Update## Customer Prompts in Showroom SystemWithin Codeweavers' Showroom System, you now have the ability to prompt your customers via email to complete a partially completed finance form.##How does it work? (image 0b67fd93-b9c1-4193-8671-906c8db4c0fb.jpg)- Login to your Codeweavers Showroom System and click on your leads tab.- Select a lead you would like to follow up and click into the profile, you can also get to a customer profile if you have opted to receive lead notifications via email. - Once you are in the customer profile, if they haven't completed the finance application you can click on the 'Apply Email Prompt'.- The customer will be sent an email prompting them to complete the finance application and you will receive a notification confirming the email has been successfully sent.(image xxx.png)- Once they have completed the Finance Application the 'Apply Email Prompt' button will be relabelled to 'Apply Complete' and will not be clickable.This functionality also applies if you have Motor Credit Check an 'MCC Email Prompt' button will be available.(image vvv.png)##FeedbackWe appreciate our customer's feedback\; please let us know how you have found this product update. ###(link https//docs.google.com/a/codeweavers.net/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe06q0lyRYbbPyXrdHI2iloKgC4pfiVU3clyDlZjqOC0fp5hQ/viewform text Click here to provide feedback)If you have any questions or would like further information in regards to this update don't hesitate to contact us on(email support@codeweavers.net text support@codeweavers.net)


By: Codeweavers - 18/07/17

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