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Presentation of Finance Online Makes a Difference

## Presentation of Finance Online Makes a Difference**Dealers need to pay more attention to how they present finance online. This is becoming increasingly important as two trends challenge the success of showroom finance achieved over recent years****1.** Growth in personal loan activity **2.** Growth in online bankingFinance sales may be continuing an upward trend, but so is the wider personal lending market – it has been growing strongly for the last two years. This key competitor to dealer finance is now firmly back in market.Online banking has been embraced by all sections of the community\; the fastest area of growth is 70 – 80 year old age sector. According to online YouGov polling, 77% of customers use online or mobile banking at least once a month. It is a very clear indication that finance has moved to wherever the consumer wants it to be.At the forefront of this dramatic change is the smartphone, which has overtaken the laptop as the most popular device for getting online, according to Ofcom. Dealers need to be aware of this rapid trend and how their website is presented on a mobile. To check to see if your website is mobile-friendly *“Having a total finance offer online, complete with pricing that the consumer can adjust to create their own perfect finance package must now be considered to be an entry-level requirement for all dealers. A simple ‘finance available’ statement of data capture form, is simply very short of what customers expect.”* Notes Codeweavers Sales Director Shaun Harris. However, it is not just enough to have these tools, ‘presentation is everything’ and this is very true online. “*For years dealers have been aware that showroom merchandising is important\; the light and positioning can make a difference. This is absolutely true for the online finance experience. Areas such as presenting stock Low to High in monthly payments can make a difference and it is something we are spending more time working with dealers to develop*,” notes Harris.To help as many dealers as possible to address their online finance merchandising, Codeweavers will be running a webinar on August 26th at 1.00pm. Dealers can register to take part at and in no time at all they can learn for themselves how they can make their online finance more effective and understand the variety of finance functionality available for their websites.


By: Codeweavers - 18/08/15

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