New Showroom Feature Enhanced Notes

## New Showroom Feature Enhanced NotesThis feature benefits you for when you are following up your finance leads and proposals generated by your website's finance calculator or the quotes generated from the quoting area within Codeweavers Showroom System. The feature allows you to have the ability once you have clicked into the lead or proposal to add notes to the lead.(image 233632f7-3af3-40f3-afa3-16028049459c.png)After clicking into the lead or proposal and you are viewing the customer profile, you can click into the notes tab to see any previous notes your team have added or add any new notes and view all of the finance proposal notes.(image notes.png)This new feature allows you to quickly determine what is happening with each of your leads and proposals. If you would like further information in regards to this feature please get in contact by emailing our marketing team on (email text


By: Codeweavers - 28/06/16

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