New(ish)tools to enhance your remarketing and reporting

This month, the Codeweavers marketing team have been having a play around with a couple of Google's new remarketing and reporting tools. Here are some of the tools we think you may find useful.

Google Signals

Google Signals enables you to track prospects instead of devices. It does this by collecting and returning data from users that have Ad Personalisation settings turned on. Once you have the tool turned on, Google Analytics will collect additional information on users demographics and interest and cross-device reports.

It was simple for us to setup, we simply logged into our Google Analytics account and we could switch it on in the settings.

A downfall we have found using Google Signals is that unfortunately you can’t use this tool in Data Studio, but still is a great tool!

Have you activated Google Signals?

Data Studio

Data Studio isn’t a new platform but it’s now out of beta and generally available. We have loved this platform for some time now as you can produce interactive dashboards and engaging reports that are linked directly from your Google Analytics.

What’s cool about the platform is you don’t just have to connect to your Google Analytics, you can access your data from over 120 connectors including Google, partner and Open Source connectors.

Google have just brought out some new features in Data Studio that we thought were definitely worth sharing with you.


Explorer has been updated within Data Studio. The new tool is designed to help you find insights faster and bring your data analysis together with one click.

Report Gallery

Data Studio have launched a new Report Gallery feature that includes a series of customisable templates to help you create your reports within minutes.

Embed and Social Sharing

A new feature that we are yet to use but we definitely will is Data Studio’s embed and social sharing feature. It makes sharing your reports easier, and you can embed your reports across the web and rich snippets of your reports for social media.

We would be really interested to know how you get on with these tools and what benefits they have provided to you!


By: Charlotte Turner - 27/09/18

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