New Calculator now available for dealers websites MultiCalc

## New Calculator now available for dealers websites MultiCalc**Codeweavers has launched a newly designed finance calculator, MultiCalc, which aims to put the customer in greater control of the financing decision making process.****For customers who currently have FlexiCalc on their website, it is just a click of a button to move over to MultiCalc.**Codeweavers’ Sales Director Shaun Harris commented *“In essence, we have reverse-engineered the showroom finance calculator enabling it to be more customer facing. Historically, at the accept stage dealers make the choice of which finance company a customer could use from its panel of lenders. Now, the dealer can simply show the customer the panel information and let them make the choice. No more will the document or electronic signature need to be the first time the customer discovers the name of their lender. It is another step in de-mystifying the process.”*MultiCalc resulted from a dealer enquiry to Codeweavers requesting that customers gain access to their panel lender decisions. Within 7 days, the platform had been built and is now an option available to all Codeweavers’ dealer customers.Harris concludes *“I think this is win for all parties\; it’s great to see dealers thinking in such a customer centric manner\; at Codeweavers we have once again been able to embrace a dealer idea and deliver a solution rapidly and now dealers can provide even more evidence that they embracing a TCF approach,”*If you would like further information on MultiCalc and you would like to be provided with an online demo link of MultiCalc, please email our marketing team on (link text


By: Codeweavers - 27/06/16

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