Nathan from Devonshire Motors describes his experience with Codeweavers

## Customer Review# Considering a finance calculator for your website?## Nathan Tomlinson from Devonshire Motors describes his experience with Codeweavers.(image 72306mit.jpg)**You know that feeling of frustration you have everyday? Companies you deal with seemingly making things harder, not easier. Basic levels of support and common sense absent from correspondence - And then you come across a refreshing change and you want to tell everyone about it?**We've just gone live with the Codeweavers finance calculator. It's a great product without a doubt and I am sure it will enhance our business but their service and support is what has set them apart. It is absolutely exceptional - to the point that I felt the need to stop what I am doing and post about it - a really great service experience is something that I place a lot of value on.I have nothing to gain from writing this, but if you're like me and occasionally find yourself amazed at the lack of quality some companies provide my advice is this Get yourself a finance calculator from Codeweavers - whether you need one or not - dealing with them will give you a feeling that you have spent money with someone who will be part of your team.


By: Codeweavers - 28/07/15

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