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MultiCalc enables car buyers to select a quote based on their Credit Rating

# MultiCalc enables car buyers to select a quote based on their Credit RatingCodeweavers have recently launched the ability for car buyers to select and personalise a finance quote based on their credit rating. This is an add-on feature to Codeweavers' MultiCalc and it's available upon request. The feature was designed and built based on our customer feedback and we will be providing insight on how car buyers are using this way of presenting the quotes with the credit ratings. The credit ratings will be displayed on the left of each quote as per the image below, replacing the lender's logos you would typically see in MultiCalc. (image ipadmini.jpg)## How it works?The car buyer enters their ideal deposit or monthly payment and their term they would like their finance offer to be. They then will be presented with quotes based upon the vehicle and finance they are interested in. The default quote will always be labelled 'Good Credit' but they can select the quote that reflects their own personal circumstances. If you would like more information in regards to this new feature or would like more information about MultiCalc and it's benefits please email our marketing team on (email marketing@codeweavers.net text marketing@codeweavers.net)


By: Codeweavers - 23/01/17

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