More sales with Codeweavers' Used Car Offers

" # More sales with Codeweavers' Used Car Offers## Kickstart your year with more sales using Codeweavers' creative Used Car Offers solution, readily available for your website.Codeweavers Car Offers solution enables you to create your finance offers reactively in your Showroom System and display your finance offers instantly on your website.(image offers.jpg)With Codeweavers Used Car Offers, you can create a bespoke offer on ANY vehicle, that can be displayed as a special offer on your website for your customers. The solution enables you to target your customers at the right time with an offer that appeals to them. Car Offers are perfect for marketing campaigns and scheduling seasonal car offers on your website as well if you have aging stock or a particular vehicle you want to sell quickly, you can create and display offers within minutes.(image enquire-now.png)###Even better, this solution is free of charge to all Codeweavers customers!###Codeweavers are offering a free product consultation with your local Codeweavers Account Manager so you can discover how car offers can benefit you. ##Features- Takes just minutes to create an offer- You can show multiple offers with different variations instantly- Offers can be created for a set time period- Amend or remove offers from your website instantly- Offers can be cloned for multiple used vehicles- You're in control of your offers title and description and can be bespoke per vehicle- Offers can be created using rates and deposit contributions- VAP’s and dealer accessories can be added into the offer- Create offers for ageing stock##How to create an offer?Creating offers for your website is so simple using Codeweavers Showroom System. Simply enter the vehicle’s VRM you would like to create an offer on and add the specific offer information, this will override the existing vehicle information. You can then personalise the title and description of the offer and enter the time period you would like the offer to show. The offer won’t be displayed on your website until you have clicked the ‘Active’ button. ##Managing your offersYou will see all of your offers in the offer admin, here you can preview, edit, delete, activate, deactivate and clone offers.##Where else can your car offers be used?The offers are perfect to distribute through your social media channels, used in adverts and blog posts."""


By: Codeweavers - 03/01/17

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