May’s Dealer Highlights

In May, a total of 65 solutions went live on dealers’ websites. Codeweavers have put together some highlights of some of the dealers that went live with our solutions.

Classic Marques, with their website by Click Dealer.

Classic Marques are utilising Codeweavers' SliderCalc alongside the stand-alone finance within their finance tab, helping to increase the number of finance leads generated by their website, and providing their car buyers with an additional area on their website to apply for finance. Classic Marques create a car buying experience for their customers that is simple to navigate and intuitive. Once a customer has selected the vehicle of their choice and clicked on the monthly amount, they will be directed to our SliderCalc.

Take a look at Classic Marques’ website here

MCR Vehicle Sales Ltd, with their website by Dragon 2000 Ltd.

MCR Vehicle Sales’ website enables car buyers to search by either their monthly budget or by vehicle make and model, making it easier for car buyers to find more affordable vehicles. Once a customer has selected the monthly price that suits their needs, they are then taken to the vehicle listing page. From the vehicle listing page, the total and monthly cost of the vehicle is clearly displayed. What we really love about MCR Vehicle Sales’ website is how they display the Codeweavers MultiCalc by having clear branding which gives their customers a clearer idea of the different lenders that are available.

Take a look at MCR Vehicle Sales’ website here

Automotion Vehicle Sales Ltd, with their website by Car Dealer 5.

Automotion Vehicle Sales gives car buyers flexibility as soon as they land on their website, by allowing customers to filter their search by make, model, min and max price. Once on the vehicle details page under the finance tab, customers are presented with Codeweavers' SliderCalc. There are several benefits to using SliderCalc, including when a slider has been changed, the others automatically change based on what the car buyer enters.

Take a look at Automotion Vehicle Sales’ website here

Downeys Cars ( NI) Ltd, with their website by Blue Cubes.

Downeys Cars is a good example of having a clear and simple layout on their vehicle details page, easily allowing car buyers to navigate between the vehicle details, the monthly payment, and further finance details. Downeys Cars are utlising Codeweavers FlexiCalc, our most popular finance calculator, which tailors finance based on the car buyers monthly payment or deposit.

Take a look at Downeys Cars’ website here

To find out more about any of Codeweavers' solutions that went live on dealers websites last month, email our marketing team on


By: Codeweavers - 04/06/18

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