March’s Dealer Highlight

In March, a total of 63 solutions went live on dealers websites. Codeweavers have put together some highlights of some dealers that went live with our solutions, but before we start we would like to share our top story from this month...

Robins & Day Start Retailing Online with Codeweavers Technology

Robins & Day, the PSA Group-owned retail group, becomes the first dealer to launch its online retailing platform with motor fintech experts Codeweavers ‘Reserve it Now’ technology. An elegantly simple tool for customers, as well as helping customers to reserve their chosen used car online, as the name suggests, Reserve it Now provides a welcoming cultural experience with the required deposit being very clearly marked as fully refundable. Reserve it now is the online used car buying process car buyers want.

Other dealer highlights this month...

Premier Car Supermarket, with their website by Spidersnet UK Ltd.

Premier Car Supermarket is a perfect example of having a clear and simple layout on a vehicle details page, by having prominent calls to action that directs car buyers to the Codeweavers MultiCalc. We also love how Premier Car Supermarket have branded up the Codeweavers finance calculators, which also helps to give car buyers a clearer understanding of which lenders they work with.

Take a look at Premier Car Supermarket website here

GT Motorcycles, with their website by DealerWebs.

GT Motorcycles are a great example of how to utilise our finance calculators for their range of motorcycles, by having the Codeweavers FlexiCalc displayed prominently on the vehicle page. In addition to this by having Codeweavers finance explainer videos on the page this helps give car buyers a clearer understanding of the finance packages offered.

Take a look at GT Motorcycles website here

Blenheim Cars, with their website by New Star Media.

Blenheim Cars’ website enables car buyers to search by their monthly budget, rather than by model or price, making it easier for car buyers to find more affordable cars. They are also utilising Codeweavers' stand-alone finance within their finance tab, helping to increase the number of finance leads generated by their website and providing their car buyers with an additional area on their website to apply for finance. In addition to this, they have added Codeweavers finance explainer videos to this page to educate their car buyers in terms of their different finance offerings.

Take a look at Blenheim Cars’ website here

Bevington Motors, with their website by Starkwood Media Group.

Bevington Motors allows car buyers to search based on the make, model and price of the vehicle they are interested in. Once the car buyer has reached the vehicle details page they are clearly presented with the monthly cost of the vehicle, then, by clicking on apply for finance the user is taken to the Codeweavers finance calculator. The finance calculator they have used is Codeweavers SliderCalc which fits perfectly in their chosen layout.

Take a look at Bevington Motors’ website here

To find out more about any of Codeweavers solutions that went live on dealers websites last month, email our marketing team on:


By: Codeweavers - 05/04/18

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