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Looking for a headline finance offer

" ## Looking for a headline finance offer? Let the wisdom of the crowd decide!Anyone like me who loves nature programs may have seen BBC2's *\The Swarm\"" *earlier this year which examined how swarms of creatures work structurally to create good outcomes in the ever evolving fight for survival in the insect and animal world. Part of the program discussed wisdom-of-the-crowds theory. You may have also heard of the theory as used and discussed by Darren Brown in one of his TV shows.Wisdom-of-the-crowds research routinely attributes the superiority of crowd averages over individual judgements to the elimination of individual noise, an explanation that assumes independence of the individual judgements from each other. Thus the crowd tends to make its best decisions if it is made up of diverse opinions and ideologies.Scott E. Page introduced the diversity prediction theorem *\""The squared error of the collective prediction equals the average squared error minus the predictive diversity\"". *Therefore, when the diversity in a group is large, the error of the crowd is small.Now at this point you are probably wondering what this has to do with headline finance offers. Quite simply the analytics features on our JavaScript plug in calculators can be used to utilize this theory to find the headline offers that the crowd have informed you they are looking for.Let’s take an example dealer, I'll pick a random Ford dealer. The crowd is telling us that on a used car 8000 miles per annum is the most popular choice, 48 months is the most popular term, £1000 is the most popular deposit and £200 is the most searched for payment. These are all the most popular so if they were looking for a headline offer to attract customers then what better than the one you know they are looking for?**Data is key to targeting customers with offers that are relevant to them, let the crowd direct you, after all the theory says they are wise!**"""


By: Codeweavers - 05/01/16

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