Life in the Fast Lane

What it takes to deliver some of the fastest and the best Motor Finance solutions out there! Ever wondered how we keep up the pace when delivering high class features to the range of software solutions here at Codeweavers?

It all starts on a Monday morning, the sun is rising and the clock strikes 830 AM. We begin each day with a “stand up” meeting, an informal way for the entire workforce to communicate with one another and work towards the final goal of the week - releasing new solutions for all our fantastic customers!

Some of us start the day catching up with clients and providing them with the support they need to carry out their business, whilst the rest of us react to any problems encountered overnight within our test environment.We work in a test driven environment which allows us to react to any problem before it becomes an issue for any one of our customers. This also helps us to understand why something has gone wrong when it does and obviously we never commit new features into the Codeweavers World without test driving them first! This morning, we have the task of looking into a few previously unseen issues within our showroom application but fortunately it’s only taken a short while to resolve them.

Its 1030, our coffee count is sitting at three and we’re moving on to a new project. We have been tasked to create a beautiful new feature that has been requested by one of our clients and never done before in the finance industry. We’ve got the ball rolling and hope to get this done and dusted by the end of the day.

Its 1230 and stomachs start to rumble in the office, fear not though its lunchtime and the team take a break in our chill area and reflect on the mornings work completed.

With lunch over, its time to have an afternoon “catch-up” meeting. With so many teams working on new and existing features, its easy to get lost, not knowing what's going on in other areas of the business. We think it’s important to be observant and understand what everyone around you is doing… good advice for driving too I think!

It’s GO, GO, GO just a couple of hours until we launch our new feature, but its not long until the brakes slam on. Time for coffee number seven, can’t run out of fuel now can we?

Technical issues mean that the backend API doesn’t behave in the manner we had hoped for, here’s the fork in the road. Do we work out how to get around this and risk it being an issue again in the future or do we ask the backend folks to change it? Time to consult someone more knowledgeable on the matter.

Teamwork is really important at Codeweavers, and after utilising our super efficient communication skills, its only taken five developers to come up with the perfect solution, within the past hour.

With an hour to go, we’re back in the fast lane, racing towards the final destination. There are high standards at Codeweavers and nobody enforces these better than our in-house Quality Assurance division. With all the hard work done we’re ready to send the feature live.

The feature will be seen by many by our customers in the morning, a great day of work achieved and accomplished.

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By: Codeweavers - 12/02/15

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