Lengthy tech contracts, a thing of the past

" # Lengthy tech contracts, a thing of the past##A 48% rise in sales since introducing a 30-day contract is perfect evidence that dealers want technology that mirrors their quick-thinking approach. This has been the experience at financial software experts Codeweavers. Now, the business is calling on other software vendors to follow its lead and give dealers the opportunity to leverage state-of-the-art technology, free of legacy long-term contracts.###Short term contracts support long-term visions Dealers need to be able to react, adjust and innovate continuously in what is a highly dynamic market. To reflect this, software providers need to provide technology that can deliver measurable results in a short length of time, rather than persuading dealer buyers that a lengthy contract is the answer to providing the evidence that the return is worth the investment. Codeweavers thinking is very straightforward\; short-term contracts should support long-term visions as Shaun Harris, Sales Director from Codeweavers notes\;*“In today’s dynamic market, dealers need to have access to innovative technology that is relevant to the market needs of the moment and which, evolves based on behavioural changes in car buying. Technology that is seen as fast, flexible and reactive should have the capacity to be superseded by a better option, as this becomes available. This is the way dealers operate and in a customer-centric market, this is what software vendors need to deliver\.*###Flexibility is keyThe absence of a long-term contract and associated financial commitment is clearly encouraging more dealers to try Codeweavers technology and thereby start benefitting. The experience to date demonstrates that dealers have enjoyed the flexibility of short-term contracts and the capacity to switch between Codeweavers range of calculators and lead generation tools to determine what suits their website. Dealers are in control. *“Dealers should question the value of long-term IT contracts, which can constrain their need for a nimble, entrepreneurial approach. With just a one-month exit clause, we have to be adding value to our dealer community and adding customers at the same time. A 30-day contract is a built-in incentive that keeps us on our toes and keeps us closer to our dealers,”* concludes Harris."""


By: Codeweavers - 26/06/17

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