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July Meet the Team Profile

## July Meet the Team Profile## Paul Boocock, Codeweavers Academy Leader(image 3fa63fd.jpg)## What you did before CodeweaversBefore Codeweavers I was a Lecturer at Staffordshire University in the Games Programming and Software Engineering group. I taught on a wide range of modules but mainly focused on Game Engine Architecture and Mobile Development courses. I was also leading the first year fundamentals of game development module, so if you ever fancy developing a game...## At CodeweaversI'm heading up the new Academy for Graduates and Placements as well as trying to continually improve code quality and development process for the existing development team. You'll likely find me delivering sessions, pairing with devs and just generally being nosy!## How do you spend your spare time?I spend more time than I would like to admit lazing around watching TV but I've always been a gamer at heart (PC Master Race!). However, I also spend plenty of my spare time walking my Black Labrador around Cannock Chase.## A fact about yourself?I'm originally from Burnley, Lancashire and you will always know when I've been back to visit as you will have no idea what I'm saying, my accent always returns with vengeance! As a treat here's a fun fact about Burnley, the Burnley Miners Club is the worlds largest consumer of Benedictine liquor! They even sell it at Burnley Football Club during matches. I've never had a drop - I'm a Whiskey and Brandy man!


By: Codeweavers - 30/06/15

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