January Weaver Team Profile

#January Weaver Team ProfileIn the past, on a monthly basis, we would post a profile of a 'Codeweaver' and as it's a new year, we are reintroducing the monthly profiles.## This month's profile is from our lovely Matt Rice, Client Support Coordinator.(image matt-rice.jpg)##We asked Matt a few questions###Your role at CodeweaversI work in the Client Support team, meaning I speak with our customers, media companies and sales team to get our new customers live, update our current customer's accounts and problem solve if things ever go wrong. I'm also heavily involved in the AutoTrader Dealer Finance Trial, helping refine our procedures to get dealers live as quickly as possible.###What do you do in your spare time?In my spare time, I'm big into my photography, I play the drums, I spend a lot of time reading tech blogs and watching tech reviewers as well as a lot of movie watching. ###Random FactI've been in a 6.3 Mag earthquake and nearly got crushed by a shop mannequin. I screamed.


By: Codeweavers - 04/01/17

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