It's Fruity Friday at Codeweavers

## It's Fruity Friday at CodeweaversOver the last few months Codeweavers have given to the team loads of additional perks for working at Codeweavers. From extra days holidays, more social events and subscribing the whole team to 'Perkbox' which includes a great variety of different perks. These perks include things such as free breakdown cover, free mobile phone insurance, cheap cinema tickets, high street discounts, hotel discounts and much more!Today is the first 'Fruity Friday'. As part of Fruity Friday Codeweavers provide a lovely selection of fruit for all of the team and so far it's gone down a treat! As Fruity Friday has gone down so well, Codeweavers will now provide fruit for all of the team on a regular basis. The perks of working at Codeweavers keep getting better and better!


By: Codeweavers - 05/02/16

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