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It's all going on at Codeweavers... New features and further enhancements in Showroom

# It's all going on at Codeweavers... New features and further enhancements in ShowroomAt Codeweavers as part of the service we provide to you, we continually enhance the solutions provided and develop new features that we know you will love. The enhancements and new features are based on our customers feedback and how users interact with Codeweavers solutions.In the last couple of weeks we have enhanced and developed several new features in your showroom lead management and quoting system. Below is further information on the enhancements and features developed\;## Assign gives you more control over your leads(image 1.png)Assign gives you more control over your leads. When a finance leads arrives from your website to your showroom system, simply click on the ‘Assign to me’ button against the lead you would like to follow up in the ‘Assigned’ column. This will let other members of your team know that you are managing this lead. By looking at the column ‘Assigned’, you can determine who is assigned to individual leads and which leads still need assigning.(image assigned.png)All of the leads that you have assigned to yourself with be filtered into a ‘mine’ tab to ensure you know which leads are assigned to you. Leads that haven’t been assigned as of yet will feature in a tab labelled ‘unassigned’. All leads assigned or unassigned with feature in a column labelled ‘All’.When you have assigned a lead to yourself this does not mean that others in your dealership cannot manage the lead once assigned.This feature is only available If you have multiple users set up in your showroom system. If your business logs in with just one email address, please get in touch and we will add the individual users to your showroom system.This feature will be continually improved based on the feedback that we receive from you.## The dashboard of Showroom has been enhanced(image dashboard-1.png)As part of the service that Codeweavers provide to customers we are continually enhancing the solutions provided to you based on your feedback.We have enhanced the dashboard in your showroom to ensure the dashboard gives you a clear overview of the finance quotes generated from your website and dealership and also that you aware of any new features and updates that Codeweavers have made to Showroom system.Previously you could view the quantity of quotes generated in a dot plot graph by the time period you selected. Codeweavers have changed this graph to a line graph so you can see more clearly your finance quote trends.You dashboard now also provides you with your top quoted vehicles.## Dealer AccessoriesCodeweavers have developed the quoting area of the Showroom System further. Codeweavers have created a button labelled 'Dealer Accessories'. Once you have clicked on 'Dealer Accessories' there are free text fields available for you to enter the accessory and the price, inclusive and exclusive of VAT. You can add as many accessories as you would like by clicking on the 'Add Accessory' button. If you would like to delete an accessory click on the remove button. Displayed at the bottom of your accessories is the total cost of your accessories. The cost breakdown area has been changed to make the dealer accessories total field read only, as the accessory values will now be pulled from the new dealer accessories breakdown.


By: Codeweavers - 19/09/15

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