Importance of finance CTA's on vehicle results pages

## Importance of finance CTA's on vehicle results pagesYou may have seen articles previously that we have posted about the importance of including finance lead generation buttons on a vehicle results page.Including these buttons have been proven to have huge benefits to dealers. In particular, the lead generation buttons we believe to have the most significant impact adding to your vehicle results page were**Motor Credit Check **- Pre-checks customer credit eligibility, and at the same time you receive a qualified sales lead.Followed by**Apply for Finance** Captured fully validated proposal information directly from your car buyersCodeweavers marketing team compared dealers' website's that had the above buttons against each vehicle on their vehicle results page, to those that only had these buttons presented next to the finance calculator on their vehicle details page. The team found that the websites that had the buttons on their vehicle results page received almost **5 times** more leads than those that had the buttons just on their vehicle details page.Codeweavers marketing team have also found that dealers who have added a standalone Motor Credit Check button or Apply for Finance button (not associated to a vehicle nor finance offer) at the top of a vehicle results page or on their websites homepage, receive additional 25% more leads than they did before they added the buttons.


By: Codeweavers - 01/06/16

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