High to Low or Low to High

" ## High to Low or Low to High**Anyone who has spent 5 minutes talking to me about finance calculators or dealer websites in general knows that at some point I will ask why there is an over whelming majority of car dealer websites that insist on defaulting every search to \low to high\"".**I get the concept on lifestyle searches even if I don't altogether agree with it, however there is one search where I will always press the dealer to change the default to high to low - (link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-payment-search text Payment Search).**To prove the point I have just searched one of our customers using the following parameters**Deposit £10,000, annual mileage 10,000, term 48 months, payments from £250-£300.Just within a £50 range I was presented with a range of vehicles from £19,500 to £29,850. The first car I was presented with was a MINI 1.5 Cooper 3 door, a very nice car retailing at £19,500. However 20 pages later on my low to high default setting I was presented with a £29,850 Audi Q3. A vehicle nearly £20,000 over my £10,000 deposit for less than £300 a month. The difference was the power of PCP. Now imagine a customer doesn't understand PCP, in low to high setting they are presented with a car, first that they expect to see, in high to low they are presented with a car of much greater value that they may not have expected to see. (link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-finance-explainer-videos text Video explainers) can then kick in to fill the knowledge gap if there is one.(link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-payment-search text Payment Search) can demonstrate the wow factor of PCP up front and centre and display the true purchasing power of the product but only if you give it the platform to best display its talents, that means asking your media company to go high to low."""


By: Codeweavers - 22/07/15

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