Harvesting Online Finance at the POS

" ## Harvesting Online Finance at the POS**The value of online finance tools and activity needs to be effectively ‘harvested’ at the point of sale. This is not just about closing a finance sale, it is equally about stock management, marketing and training. The way forward is to embrace a true multi-channel ethos observes Codeweavers Sales Director Shaun Harris\;***“Digital tools must should not be seen as mutually exclusive from the point of sale. We must recognise that with handheld devices the range of finance tools we continue to develop are equally as comfortable in the showroom where customers can use them to develop their own finance proposition as they walk around a dealership as they can online, but just as importantly the data from online customer traffic can be used to finesse the point of sale proposition\.*Digital tools should not be seen as stand-alone products, but rather as part of an integrated suite of services that create showroom traffic, differentiate a dealer’s proposition and provide vital customer buying insight. Certainly reacting promptly at the point of sale is critical to leveraging an online enquiry (and that meets within 30 minutes wherever possible) but the wider value that Codeweavers can make available enables dealers to turn their online finance calculators into an invaluable data-mining tool. The quality and depth of information available to dealers using Codeweavers technology is helping a growing number of dealers to fine tune their retailing activity gain incremental sales and minimise ‘waste’ in stock or marketing that yields less effective results.## Amongst the analytics tools, dealers can now- Establish exactly how many customers have printed or emailed themselves a finance quotation and the number of leads generated- Discover the outcomes of Codeweavers ‘soft search’ Motor Credit Check tool, to see how many visitors started, finished and progressed a finance application and the ratio of failed finance credit checks- Establish the most popular finance products, based upon traffic activity- Learn the most popular stock upon which visitors are designing their own tailored finance quotation- Determine how long car buyers spend completing a finance application.- Distinguish trends and patterns in buying behaviour*“The power of the dynamic data available is formidable and we have made it very accessible with clear dashboard reports. Dealers can refine their finance offer, test different creative treatments and plan their stock mix. Perhaps, above all they know the scope of the opportunities that may have been missed and then take corrective action to drive consumer interest to action,”* reflects Codeweavers Sales Director Shaun Harris."""


By: Codeweavers - 01/06/16

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