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## Getting the Right ViewThe shift from desktop has seriously impacted the way we design our technology and in the input we provide to the growing number of organisations with which we collaborate on their digitisation of dealer finance.It is not just the reality that as long ago as early 2014, the landscape in which businesses operate changed forever when Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage. It is the time and timing of digital consumption that is influencing the way in which we design our services.Digitisation has penetrated consumer lifestyles to the point that it is redefining the operating environment for all dealers. On their commute, in the evening and at weekends, smartphones and tablets have extended the digital day. Only in the office do people still use desktops to any significant level\; even that is changing. Importantly for motor retailing and automotive finance, the time when consumers are typically researching their next purchase is mobile time. The digital universe that serves their needs has to be built around mobile platforms, not desktops.Certainly responsive web tools support the mobile journey, but to use the analogy of the ‘Birmingham Screwdriver’ the right tool for the job would be so much better.Within Codeweavers, ‘screen-enabled’ has become a key guiding principle. Our newest product, which is customer-facing and designed to facilitate the purchase of finance online, has been designed entirely for mobile usage, with the capacity to reverse it into a desktop situation. The design process is very different\; ‘swipe-ability’, ‘eye-lines,’ layout, pixelation risks, fonts, colours and of course load speed (respecting that not everyone will have 4G on the move) are all factors we need to build it. And of course, it must still look great! The same principles are built into our ethos to support social media.For us, the influx of new coding talent is proving to be a huge benefit. The graduates who are joining us largely think mobile and this seemingly simple difference in thinking is having a profound impact, in helping us to help our customers to make what is a significant step in gaining an edge that makes them stand out from the crowd.


By: Codeweavers - 29/04/16

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