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Four distinct factors that favour a shift by dealers to embrace online

#Four distinct factors that favour a shift by dealers to embrace online## There are four distinct factors that favour a shift by dealers to embrace online finance###1.The vast majority of all consumers need finance to finalise the purchase of their next car\; presenting the car and finance together is a perfect platform to fulfil both needs together. This is especially true given the largely dealer-based availability of PCP finance to aid affordability\; almost half of all consumers using our calculator tools on dealer sites are opting to form their quote on a PCP.###2. We operate in an omni-channel 24x7 environment\; consumers can now discover their car and finance where and when it suits them and on the device, that suits them. If a dealer fails to present the vital finance option online, then the sales opportunity risks being significantly reduced.###3. Regulation – creating a controlled evidenced-based finance experience is becoming more important to support TCF principles. Online can provide this type of process rigour and footprint in a way that a personal sales approach cannot.###4. Social change\; consumers want to research their car purchase. An online finance model makes it easier for customers to self-discover and self-select the finance offer that suits their needs. Tools such as our online product explanation videos support this shift in consumer behaviour\; over 60% of customers creating a PCP quote reviewed one of our online videos – a nice way of supporting the need for transparency.


By: Codeweavers - 25/08/17

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