FlexiCalc new feature

## FlexiCalc new featureAt Codeweavers we like to continually refine our products to ensure that the features and functionality's are beneficial to you and your customers. We review our range of solutions on a regular basis to ensure they are easy to use and at the forefront of technology.A new, small additional feature we have added to FlexiCalc, is the ability to have customer alert notifications added to individual pieces of information in a finance quote rather than customer alert notifications added to the top of the quote. This ensures the notifications are clearer and are specific to the element of information they are against.For example in the image below I have adjusted the monthly payment in FlexiCalc to £600. Next to the monthly payment information in the PCP finance quote there is now an orange notification icon visible. When I have opened the notification up I have been notified that the regular payment has been adjusted to £600.24, the minimum allowable.Try it for yourself by visiting Codeweavers FlexiCalc demo site (image flexicalc.jpg)


By: Codeweavers - 14/08/15

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