FlexiCalc has a new look

" ## FlexiCalc has a new lookCodeweavers have monitored the way car buyers use FlexiCalc and have made some enhancements to increase the engagement car buyers have with the Finance Calculator.\As FlexiCalc has been built with plugin technology, when we add new features and update the calculator our customers receive these features and updates instantly. Codeweavers believe understanding how car buyers interact with our products is essential to ensure our products are user-friendly, quick and easy to use and car buyers get what they want out of the product as well as providing huge benefits to dealers. The functionality remains the same, Codeweavers have simply changed the style and layout and the wording in buttons. ###Already, we have found the percentage of unique car buyers clicking on the finance form buttons within the calculator has increased an additional 21.91%. *This information was found in Codeweavers Google Analytics.*"""


By: Codeweavers - 18/10/16

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