FlexiCalc gets even more flexible

##FlexiCalc gets even more flexibleFlexiCalc is really living up to its name! Over the last few months Codeweavers frontend developers have been monitoring how your customers use the finance calculator and how the calculator journey can be improved to make it even more user-friendly. FlexiCalc along with Codeweavers other plugin calculators is continuously enhanced to ensure that it remains the ultimate finance tool for all dealer websites and dealers customers really benefit from using the tool.When Codeweavers team make changes to FlexiCalc there's no costs for the improvements and the changes are updated automatically. Codeweavers control the style and the functionality so any changes can be made quickly and effectively.**Here are some of the changes the Codeweavers team have recently made to the style and functionality of FlexiCalc**(image fcaa.png)* Short, informative text added above the calculator '*You can adjust the options below to tailor a quote to suit your individual needs*', and text below the calculator '*Each time you change the options above the quote below will recalculate for you*'.* Monthly Payment field is now left blank and 'or' circle has been added between the monthly payment and deposit fields so customers are aware that the finance quote can be personalised based on the deposit 'OR the monthly payment they have entered.* Video 'play' button has been added next to each finance product so your customers can discover more information about the finance products you provide at the point of the quote they require this information.* The video's and Email and Print Quote buttons are no longer pop-ups but buttons that slide across to the forms or video. Making the forms easier to load and complete and videos easier to watch. Your customers simply click the 'back' button to get back to the main screen of the calculator.If you have any suggestions or any feedback on any of our products we would love to discuss these with you. Please email our marketing team on (email marketing@codeweavers.net text marketing@codeweavers.net)


By: Codeweavers - 13/07/16

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