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February Product Highlights

##February Product Highlights## Within the next month a new finance solution with real FCA principles attached will be readily available for dealers websites.**How the new layout works? **A customer visits a dealers websites listing page where they will be presented with a small eye catching graph which displays to the customer a selection of finance products and offers by monthly payment and term by combining Codeweavers Deal Selector and Plugin technology. The key feature here is the customer can compare the finance products and offers within a glance of the graph by changing the parameters in the dealers website finance calculator based on their circumstances.This new solution is key for treating customers fairly by displaying finance transparency. A key feature with this solution is when the finance calculator is adjusted the graphs will change in real time to display the offers based on the customers finance criteria. Finance explainer videos can be added alongside the new finance layout on the listing page to assist dealers customers further in understanding the finance products available to them.Codeweavers will be using plugin technology so we will be able to control the styling and adapt the layout to work in line with the dealers website. To display different options we have created several mock ups on dealers sites to demonstrate the different ways the finance offers can be presented. If you would like to see a mock up get in touch.## Blackhorse proposal submission functionality is now available in Codeweavers Showroom System.Black Horse are one of the first lenders to undertake major product restructure, which will help ensure dealers using their products are meeting FCA regulations, by changing to APR based Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and Lease Purchase products.In addition to dealers being able to take advantage of these changes, Codeweavers have developed new functionality in your Showroom finance lead management platform.## Showroom System UpdateAfter receiving feedback from our customers on how they currently use Showroom System we have decided to make some changes to help improve your Showroom System quoting journey. The changes made will only affect the quoting area of Showroom System. Please note, this only affects customers with the quoting area of Showroom. To find out the full changes check your updates by logging into the platform and clicking the notification icon.


By: Codeweavers - 02/03/15

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