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Enhance your websites finance page

## Enhance your websites finance page####Enhance your websites finance page with Codeweavers standalone MultiCalc Credit Finance Calculator.The standalone MultiCalc Credit Finance Calculator can be styled to suit your finance page and is a great tool to capture car buyers who visit the finance page of your website.(image multicalc-credit.jpg)##How it works?It works so simply, the car buyer enters a vehicle price and then clicks the calculate button. They can then personalise a finance quote that suits their requirements, this can be based on their ideal monthly payment or alternatively their ideal deposit. A key feature of the calculator is that they can select between multiple finance quotes based on their credit rating. After they have created their perfect finance quote they can then go on to email or print the quote, find out more about the finance product they have quoted upon or apply for finance right there and then.The calculator is quick and simple to set up and you are provided with insights on how your car buyers are interacting with the calc. Not only this, you will see an increase of car buyers personalising finance quotes from your website and an increase of finance leads generated!If you would like to see how this calculator works on a live website check it out here - (link http//www.batchelorsripon.co.uk/finance/ text http//www.batchelorsripon.co.uk/finance/)For more information please contact your local Codeweavers Account Manager or email Codeweavers Support Team on (email support@codeweavers.net text support@codeweavers.net)


By: Codeweavers - 16/06/17

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