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Do you associate influencer marketing with just B2C rather than B2B?

It's a question that's been floating around the marketing team at Codeweavers this month.

Yes, Instagram is the main platform for influencer marketing which predominantly is utilised by B2C companies, but there are other online channels that shouldn't be ignored by B2B companies.

If you haven’t really heard the term influencer marketing before, here is a quick overview;

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing which is focused on influential people. These may be celebrities or just people that your target audience are interested in. The idea is that these individuals influence your target audience’s way of thinking, and works particularly well through social media such as Instagram.


For a company like Codeweavers, our initial thoughts were that it would be hard for us to utilise influencer marketing, particularly as we are a B2B company. However, we use LinkedIn on a daily basis, whether this be to research an individual or company or put posts out about Codeweavers. With over 500 million professionals, including 61 million influencers using LinkedIn, it’s the most powerful platform for B2B companies for influencer marketing!

Whether it’s organic or paid content, B2B content is being interacted with more than ever on LinkedIn. Influencer marketing is so much harder for B2B companies to utilise, but if you get it right it’s well worth it!

Differences between B2C and B2B influencer marketing

There are massive differences between B2C and B2B influencer marketing. Getting individuals to promote your product for cash is so much easier in the B2C world. Sometimes all it takes is a celeb to be wearing/holding/talking about your product for it to work, whereas B2B is much harder.

B2B Influencers

Typically B2B influencers are Executives at a company, who, if they associate themselves with the wrong brands and products, can have a massive impact on their bottom line profit. This means if you want them to help promote your B2B brand you need to build a relationship up with them, and they will want to know every finer detail about your product before they decide whether they want to work with you. This may take a lot of time and money, but once they are onboard, the marketing campaign can have a much more lasting impact than some B2C campaigns utilising influencer marketing out there.

Influencer marketing is definitely worth looking into, whether you are a B2C or B2B company. To get you started there are a couple of influencer tools to help you find your perfect influencer or you can see how other companies have utilised influencers such as Influence and BuzzSumo.

Have you utilised influencer marketing?

It would be great to find out how your campaign went and if you think it was worthwhile!


By: Charlotte Turner - 01/11/18

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