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Dealer in-showroom experience brought to the online world with Close Brothers Motor Finance

Close Brothers Motor Finance has announced it’s launching a new portal that gives motor dealers the opportunity to take the showroom directly to their customers.

The innovative multichannel platform is delivered in partnership with financial technology experts Codeweavers. The enhanced and specially adapted version of Codeweavers’ highly acclaimed Showroom Suite will allow dealers to quote multiple finance products and compare them side by side without having to re-enter information, making the process more efficient, and easier for customers to select the best product for them. Dealers can access the new software by visiting the Close Brothers Motor Finance . The on-the-road team are also visiting dealer partners face to face to talk them through the changes from the existing proposal system.

The Showroom Suite is designed to work in tandem with a dealer’s website, which will help their customers to choose the perfect vehicle and finance option. Throughout the process, dealers can guide and advise the customer, providing the personal touch that can usually only be delivered in the showroom.

The launch of the Showroom Suite is designed to help dealers bring the personal in-showroom car buying experience into the online world.

Consumer buying behaviour has changed considerably and the market has become increasingly digital. Technological advances cannot be ignored. Our dealers provide a high level personal service with a strong ethos on local reputation, a vital differentiator in an increasingly digital market. Ensuring dealers are supported is a crucial part of our business, so we’re pleased to be working with Codeweavers and their Showroom Suite to provide exceptional service to their customers whether online or face to face.

Joe Soule, Chief Information Officer at Close Brothers Motor Finance.

It’s been great working with the Close Brothers Motor Finance team and their dealer partners. With their feedback and insights, we have customised our Showroom Suite technology to their needs. It is designed to be easy for dealers to be up and running with the technology quickly. Once installed, dealers have quickly seen the ease and effectiveness for themselves, which is just what our support team aimed to deliver.

Shaun Harris, Sales Director at Codeweavers

For more information about Close Brothers Motor Finance please visit www.closemotorfinance.co.uk


By: Codeweavers - 29/03/18

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