Day 8 of Codeweavers 12 Days of Christmas

" # Day 8 of Codeweavers 12 Days of Christmas## Free standalone Finance Application button available to add anywhere on your website**How does the standalone finance application work?**The Stand Alone Apply service allows for your customers to show an interest in applying for finance without a quote or associated with a vehicle. It can be added wherever you would like on your website. We have found that dealers who have added this functionality to their websites new car search results page, receive a third more leads than what they previously did without this functionality.Offer only redeemable to customers who currently use Codeweavers solutions. This offer is available to non-customers at a discounted rate of £10. This offer will expire on the 5th January.If you would like to take up this offer -(image click-here.jpg)(image appp.png)For more information email Codeweavers marketing team on (email text"""


By: Codeweavers - 20/12/15

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