Day 1 of Codeweavers 12 Days of Christmas

" # Day 1 of Codeweavers 12 Days of Christmas## Free upgrade to all customers with plugin calculators to FlexiCalcIf you would like to take up this offer please click on the following button -(image click-here.jpg)## What does this mean to you? By moving over to FlexiCalc from the Standard Plugin you will be able to still have all the benefits included with plugin technology as well as all the benefits of FlexiCalc.FlexiCalc is lightning fast, user friendly, flexible, responsive, extremely intuitive and the functionality is not available anywhere else on the market. FlexiCalc includes heaps of functionality and features, including both a monthly payment and a deposit free text fields so that your customers can fill in either one by using the clearly displayed arrows. While using FlexiCalc if the quote has been amended to be out of your allowable finance parameters set, customers are notified with friendly messages against the relevant part of the quote. (image picture2.png)**Additional benefits of FlexiCalc*** Can include your lenders logo above each finance quote in FlexiCalc.* Can use the your website colours, or alternatively the colours you would like.* Can include the style of finance explainer videos that best suit your website, these can be branded if required.* Include a range of powerful calls to action to capture the users interacting with FlexiCalc. These are configurable, so you can pick the calls to action you would like to show.* You will be provided with sophisticated and detailed statistics on your FlexiCalc user interactions.**Check out FlexiCalc on Codeweavers demo website here - **(link https// text https// you are unsure whether the calculator on your website is a plugin please contact our support team on (email text more information email Codeweavers marketing team on (email text"""


By: Codeweavers - 13/12/15

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