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Customers who have gone live with Codeweaves products in June

# Thanks for Choosing Codeweavers Solutions in JuneEach month we like to let our customers know who have gone live with our product so they can take a look at how Codeweavers products are used in other businesses.**Customers who have gone live with Codeweavers tools in June**## (link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-finance-calculator text Integrated Finance Calculator)- Motorcare Ford- BCC Cars- Car Sales Direct## (link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-standard-finance-plugin text Standard Plugin)- Sytner Group- Eastern Western - Toyota- Dick Lovett - BMW and MINI## (link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-flexi-calc text FlexiCalc)- Mitchell Group- Parks Group- Drift Bridge Group- Hendy Car Store- Peoples Cars## (link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-motor-credit-check text Motor Credit Check)- John Roe Motor Group- Hendy Car Store- Ballyrobert- Elms Group- Arthur Prince## (link https//www.codeweavers.net/dealer-group/#product-payment-search text Payment Search)- Sytner Group


By: Codeweavers - 26/06/15

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