Customers want a high quality ‘clicks & bricks’ F & I experience

## Customers want a high quality ‘clicks & bricks’ F & I experience*“Today’s car buyer often arrives in the showroom with greater product knowledge than the salesperson. This is not a criticism of sales people\; rather it is a reflection that since 90% of customers find their next car online, they will have done their homework on their ideal car and finance options. Dealer sales staff need to be confident in adding value to the sales process through the quality of their service and knowledge. Customer satisfaction needs to be at the heart of this process,” *notes Shaun Harris, Sales Director at dealer software solution specialists Codeweavers, adding\; *“Dealers should have finance product and price information online that can be tailored to the customers lifestyle and budget. Ensuring this is replicated in their showroom by their sales team and they are comfortable in supporting every customer’s finance journey face to face. Not forgetting that finance training needs to be a measured activity for all customer facing sales personnel,” *The growth in new car finance penetration shows that customers are happy to buy finance from the showroom. However, much of the growth in finance can be attributed to special schemes offered by manufacturers. The proliferation of these schemes means that there is a greater role for sales people in the way in which they promote finance that does not benefit from a subsidy. They must be able to add value through the quality of information they provide. Ahead of the showroom, this value building process needs to start online.Codeweavers is seeing a sustained shift towards online finance tools across the AM dealer audience. A growing number of dealers are embracing (link https// text finance calculators) and more importantly more are looking to tools such as (link https// text Deal Selector). This provides a bright, colourful graphic quote comparison for the customer, illustrating the dealer’s finance product portfolio. The highly visual approach places the consumer in control of their finance buying process. Customers are now to view a PCP quote, alongside HP and Lease Purchase. *“The impact of tools such as (link https// text Deal Selector)is undoubted. It meets the changing buyer process at the very point at which customers are first considering their finance options. However, in the same way that many customers still value the physical experience of seeing and touching their chosen car and the people who are selling it, many will want to validate a financing decision that will have largely been formed online. Dealer staff must be comfortable and competent in delivering high quality and customer appropriate guidance. Quality ‘clicks and bricks’ represents the best option for many customers and both must support one another,”* concludes Harris.


By: Codeweavers - 02/03/15

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