Creating a Strong Local Reputation Matters

#Creating a Strong Local Reputation Matters###At a time when trust in business has fallen to just 45%* creating a strong local reputation should not be underestimated as an opportunity to move beyond price as a market differentiator.Roland Schaack MD at Codeweavers believes that the benefit may be deeper than may be realised based upon his business’ own recent experience, reflecting\;*“We and the many dealers we work with operate in rapidly changing times. Certainly, new regulation and new technology are well recognised, but few of us can miss the momentum for a cultural shift in behaviours all around us. People want to buy from a business they trust and similarly, people want to work within where they feel valued. Seemingly small steps can have a tremendous impact to help in this respect and for us helping a local charity had positive ramifications we had not anticipated.”*In every community, there are many deserving good causes that could be helped. Recently, Codeweavers combined\; team involvement, its technical expertise and a local focus to support (link http// text House of Bread), a charity based near to Codeweavers’ Stafford headquarters. The business donated several computers, and a printer that were no longer being used and gave them to the charity which provides a safe environment for those in need to come together and share a meal, make new friends and be amongst people who care without judging them. They provide a network of support and involve the goodwill and involvement of the wider community.The idea was instigated by one of Codeweavers’ Infrastructure Engineers, Dan Cadden who also delivered and set up the equipment and then provided training on how to use it. The initiative has had welcome reverberations right across Codeweavers as Schaack notes*“There has been a great feel-good factor amongst our team\; local media coverage has helped to promote interest in Codeweavers as a progressive and caring place to work. In turn, this has enhanced our reputation with local universities, a key talent pool for us. **“In what is a competitive market, there can be little doubt in my mind that good works in the local community can differentiate a business whether it is in gaining new team members, customers or both. As the call for positive behaviour in business grows, doing the right thing could very well be the right thing for community-based car retailers, it is an undoubted opportunity to move beyond price and become a local champion.”**18th Annual Edelman Trust Monitor


By: Codeweavers - 15/02/18

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