Continuous improvement of solutions helps generate more leads

# Continuous improvement of solutions helps generate more leads for dealers## Codeweavers have been monitoring how dealers customers have been using FlexiCalc and they have enhanced the design to help increase the number of finance leads and applications dealers receive.The changes made are design changes to the buttons included within FlexiCalc. The buttons include Email Quote, Print Quote, Apply for Finance and Motor Credit Check. The style of the buttons has changed along with the wording of the buttons.Codeweavers continuously monitor trends in Google Analytics on how dealers website visitors are interacting with FlexiCalc and they decided that changing the buttons would help increase the number of leads dealers receive. Codeweavers will be comparing how the buttons previously were and how they are now over the next few months to see the impact the new design of the buttons has on whether dealers website visitors click on them or not.


By: Codeweavers - 22/03/16

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