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Codeweavers Showroom System Did you know?

You Can Manage Your Customers With Showroom

Showroom lets you react quickly and respond to the customers’ request at the point they are at their most receptive.

Codeweavers Showroom System gives you the ability to build a customer profile straight from a lead, allowing you to create an in depth view of your customer base and your target audience. This vital information will help you market your vehicle's more effectively to your customers.

How can this be done?

  • Login to Showroom, click on the customer tab.
  • You can now see all customer details.
  • Showroom gives you the ability to see customers providing details on your website in real time. As soon as a name, contact number or email address is entered online, it’s replicated in Showroom as a lead. This allows you to follow up at a time your customers are most engaged.
  • If a potential customer starts an online application but does not complete, Showroom gives you the ability to send an email prompt linking the user back to their application form. To do this you click on the profile tab then simply click the apply email prompt link.

Want to know more about our Showroom System and see what it can do for you? Contact a member of our marketing team for more information or to arrange a demo.

Email: marketing@codeweavers.net

Phone: 0800 021 0888


By: Matt Kennedy - 29/08/18

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