Codeweavers – on time & on budget = expansion

Financial services software is booming as dealers and manufacturers look to harness the marketing power of finance to engage today’s audience of car buyers, the majority of whom start their buying journey online.

Expansion in products,services and customers, now see Codeweavers announcing plans to recruit more developers and take on additional office space to accommodate the growing team.

Our approach to software development has always been the same; we lead on quality. On time and on budget,our under promise and over deliver ethos has helped us to forge a strong reputation,both for innovation and delivery. Now,we find ourselves recruiting to increase out headcount by 30% over the next 3 months and moving to new office premises to accommodate our growing team.

notes Codeweavers MD Roland Schaack. The recruitment drive is due to the rapid, but controlled expansion of the company and the high-level projects that Codeweavers have taken on. The company has doubled in size since 2014 and in total by June 2016, there will be 62 employees working at Codeweavers.

As well as software developers, the all-important client support team dedicated to supporting customers through their journey with Codeweavers growing portfolio of financial solutions and data insight tools. Up to 90% of customers initiate their car buying online and finance has a demonstrable impact on the purchasing process. Codeweavers portfolio of online finance tools enables dealers to help customers to assess vehicle affordability,establish credit-worthiness and then move through the entire proposal process. More than this,the tools also provide invaluable management information on customer buying habit that assist dealers in developing their stock mix and online finance proposition.

With its fast and easy to deploy technology, Codeweavers has established a reputation for reliability and effectiveness that goes way beyond the finance calculators for which it has long been known.

We are always working on the next innovation to create imaginative yet practical tools to our customers that support our reputation for delivering software that work ‘out of the box.’ Now, our sustained success means we are in the great position of looking for yet more new talent to help us to craft the next generation of code and to support our growing customer base. It’s a lovely position to be in and we are grateful to all of our customers for their support that underpins our growth concludes Schaack.

The new roles will be based at Codeweavers head office based in Dunston, Staffordshire,where the business is currently increasing its office space to accommodate the planned expansion.


By: Codeweavers - 04/04/16

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