Codeweavers Lead Management Guidance Webinar

# Codeweavers Lead Management Guidance Webinar## Hosted by Christina Chander, Pre-Live Specialist ##(link https// text Sign up now)##When?Thursday 23rd February at 2.00 - 2.30 pm##Who should attend?Members of your team that are currently or will be following up finance leads generated from your website. This webinar is useful for both new and existing dealers who have a Codeweavers finance calculator on your website.##Why should you attend?Christina will be showing you how to use Codeweavers' Showroom Lead Management System and the features that you can benefit from using. Christina will be demonstrating the different ways you can receive your leads and how you can quickly determine the type of lead and if it's a 'part' or fully completed finance application.##(link https// text Sign up now)


By: Codeweavers - 17/02/17

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