Codeweavers have added a new powerful vehicle stock search and management tool to Showroom System

## Codeweavers have added a new powerful vehicle stock search and management tool to Showroom System**Codeweavers have merged and enhanced the previous Stock Management and Stock Search areas of Showroom System to simplify the navigation of these areas and how they are used. This area is now known as 'Vehicles' and can be found in the Showroom System navigation top bar. **##How 'Vehicles' work- Simply click on the vehicle tabs and you will be presented with your stock.- You can search your stock using the free text search bar at the top of the page.- You can search by monthly payment by ticking the 'Search by payments' box. The finance parameters you can enter are a minimum and maximum monthly payment, annual mileage, term, scheme and deposit.- Vehicles will then be presented matching your criteria. It will tell you how many vehicles out of your stock match your criteria.- You can sort your vehicles by payment ascending and descending and you can view your stock in list or tile format.- The vehicle information presented includes your vehicle summary, cash price, finance products and monthly payments, reg plate & date, mileage and spec of the car.- You can click the 'Edit Quote' button on a vehicle in the listing to tailor the quote and find out further information. At this point, you can add dealer accessories, contributions, email or print the quote and create a proposal.- By clicking on the 'Create Offer' button you can create an offer that will be displayed in your Showroom vehicle listing and this can be added to your website. For more information about how Codeweavers Car Offers work, please request our offers guide from our support team by emailing the pipelineIn the coming months, Codeweavers will be adding the functionality so that any car offers that have been created will be shown in the Showroom vehicle listing. You will be able to filter your vehicle listing to show just your car offers and manage your car offers.


By: Codeweavers - 14/08/17

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