Codeweavers first Weaver Wednesday

In an effort to spark innovation and give our development team more opportunity to express their creativity yesterday we held our first, of hopefully many, Weavers Wednesday. This very much follows in the footsteps of Google's Innovation Friday with a strong focus on letting the development team drive the direction of work for one day a week.

We've held innovation events previously at Codeweavers and some great products have grown. The hope now is that we will see similar innovation and improvements to the way we work by spending 20% of our time innovating and learning.

Already after just 1 day we have seen some great work starting to emerge driven by ideas from the Development team. We've seen technical improvements such as dedicating the day to improving test coverage in some applications as well as new tools to improve visibility of test coverage percentages through a new internal website. A number of developers have worked on creating new internal tooling to make our lives easier when dealing with importing and mapping data in our systems. There have also been a number of investigative pieces of work into technologies that we can possibly use in future applications from Razor to Laravel.

Expect more updates in the future as we continue innovating through Weavers Wednesdays. We already have some exciting plans for next week!


By: Codeweavers - 06/08/15

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