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Codeweavers devs head to Norwich

Back in February, 8 Codeweavers Developers bundled into two cars and headed down to NorDevCon in the heart of Norwich City Centre. 3 hours of driving later and we had arrived at our hotel ready for the following 2 days of talks from a number of exciting speakers from Michael Feathers to Seb Rose to Jon Skeet.

Day 1 opened with a thought provoking talk from Michael Feathers where many of the ideas he presented reverberated with us and our large code base and keeping it healthy. We then split up across the King’s Centre to absorb as many different talks as possible. Some highlights from day 1 included Lean Intrapreneurship by Timo Hilhorst, Fake it Until You Make it by Dom Davis and The changing state of immutability in C# by Jon Skeet. Day 1 wrapped up with a talk on Pair Programming which was a great recap on the techniques we use every day at Codeweavers. One of the highlights of heading to a conference with your colleagues is the discussions that come out of a day together and listening to a number of different topics and speakers.

Our dinner together at a local Indian Restaurant offered some great discussion around the techniques and ideas we use at Codeweavers and how we can continue to improve going forward. As always the evening ended in a local pub and couple of drinks…

Day 2 began with us all bright eyed and bushy tailed at Breakfast, ready for the last half a day of the conference before heading back to Staffordshire. We were teleported back to the 70s with Richard Astbury’s insightful keynote that took as back to some of the earlier programming languages and very much alluded to how we are now coming full circle back to working with Functional Programming languages. A few other highlights included Deep Impact by Dominic Kendrick at The Guardian on using analytics and A-B testing which opened many of our eyes to a new way of delivering some features and many of us ended the day at Dom Davis’ second talk of the conference discussing Agile Smagile.

Many of the talks can be watched at InfoQ here

This was a great conference that many of us thoroughly enjoyed and we got a lot from it in terms and knowledge and new ideas. We’ve already seen many benefits from this conference and many others that we have attended over the last 12 months and we’ve already got 3 more scheduled for 2016.


By: Codeweavers - 04/05/16

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