Codeweavers and Full-Time Work, Family and Flexibility

What brought you to Codeweavers?

When I applied for a position at Codeweavers, I was four months’ postpartum and finishing off my Master’s degree in Creative Writing. I found myself itching for something more to do – as truly delightful as my son is, he wasn’t the best conversationalist then, and the necessary monotony of nappy-changing and bottle-sterilising wasn’t doing much for my mind.

I applied without knowing if there was a position here for me, nor whether the position would be full time; or, even, if it should be full-time. Would I be able to juggle things? Would I miss my son too much? Could my parents, who offered enthusiastically to take care of him every day if I was successful, cope?

The response I got back after I sent in my CV and portfolio was overwhelmingly positive. I was told that the role I was applying for was open, mouldable; that I’d be able to shape it for myself, and that my hours would be flexible too, to make things as easy on my family as possible. I even had to send a shame-faced email rescheduling my first interview because of a childcare issue, and HR were kind and accommodating.

How easy has it been to adapt to your position?

So easy.

From the day I started, everyone was friendly and welcoming. At Codeweavers, the consensus is that anybody can ask for help from anybody, and that was so comforting to me as a new starter. Joining anywhere new can be intimidating because you’re unfamiliar with the technology, the process and the people, but the Codeweavers staff aim to eradicate that.

I was also informed kindly that should I start to miss my child or have any reason to change my hours, the company would be open and flexible to those needs. After two months, I adjusted my hours from 38 to 30, to allow me to have Wednesdays with my son; this reduced pressure on my parents, and let me have a day of activities with my boy.

Codeweavers allowed me to create my own perfect balance between work and home life.

What’s your favourite project you’ve tackled so far?

The biggest project I’ve been involved in is the redesign of the email templates; it has quite a large scope, involving lots of different brands as well as Codeweavers’ own correspondence, and it allows me to use skills I developed during my undergraduate degree. I use mostly HTML and CSS, but I’ve also had to learn how to work in a unique environment to edit and create the templates, as well as pulling from different coding languages to fully integrate my work into the Codeweavers systems.

This has been my favourite, but I also enjoyed writing copy for the Showroom help page while I was shadowing another employee, who was working on more complex stuff.

What challenges have you faced?

My biggest challenge so far has been my own confidence. When you spend a lot of time at home following an undergraduate degree, a Master’s degree, multiple jobs and other things that keep you busy, it’s easy to forget who you are a bit; to underestimate your own skills and your worth.

Coming to work at Codeweavers has really helped me to overcome that. At work, I get to be somebody who has professional skills, somebody that people come to with tasks. I get to be useful. I get to flex creative and technical muscles that my education has helped me develop. Then I get to go home, and I get Wednesdays, to be a mother; to nurture, to help my parents, and to do an awful lot of washing.

How has your impression of Codeweavers changed since you started work?

Before I applied, I already knew that Codeweavers was a unique company; a growing phenomenon that still manages to maintain its friendly, honest, thoughtful small-company outlook.

What I didn’t know was the depth to which those principles run.

I didn’t know that I’d be cared for like family instead of like an employee. I didn’t know that I’d be able to shape my own role within the company. I didn’t know that I’d be treated, as a newbie, as equally as anyone else that works here. I didn’t know that one day I could be sitting downstairs with one team powering through templates for a big brand, then the next perched upstairs with another team helping someone code in a language I’ve never written before whilst listening to 90s hits on a speaker between our monitors.

There isn’t another company out there like Codeweavers. I say that with complete honesty, because I believe it.


By: Codeweavers - 13/11/18

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