Bluesky offer Codeweavers’ latest solution as a free of charge website upgrade

As part of a continual suite of Software-as-a-Service improvements.

It’s more essential than ever to ensure you have a prominent and enticing finance offering on your website,with over 78% of new cars now being purchased through dealer finance in the UK. A dealers’ website is the place where most consumers start their buying journey. This means if you are not providing your website visitors with all the information they need in order to buy a car from you, then they are likely to find this information elsewhere - maybe even from your competitor. It’s not only important to have a prominent and enticing finance offering but also one that is highly compliant,transparent,clear and which delivers the type of customer-centric outcome the FCA requires.

Codeweavers’ latest finance solutions; FlexiCalc and Finance Finder, have been built with compliance ‘front & centre’ to ensure the consumer is treated fairly and gets a great finance outcome. Fast, flexible and totally transparent both solutions use the most advanced technology available.

Codeweavers and Bluesky Interactive have been working closely together to implement these cutting-edge solutions on their dealers’ websites and are pleased to announce that they can offer FlexiCalc and Finance Finder as a free of charge upgrade to all Bluesky and Codeweavers’ customers. This is offered as part of Bluesky Interactive’s ongoing commitment to offering Software-as-a-Service upgrades to their dealer website clients,improving products,technology and more on a continual basis to all clients, rather than releasing new versions and charging clients for the chance to upgrade.

The first Bluesky website to go live with FlexiCalc is (link text Carco Group),FlexiCalc is situated on Carco Groups vehicle details pages.By upgrading to FlexiCalc or Finance Finder,dealers will benefit from any improvements,added functionality and new features free of charge. Already,Codeweavers have added several new features to FlexiCalc that dealers are benefiting from. Additionally, they will have access to sophisticated and detailed statistics on user interactions,which will help guide them to add the most suitable default deposit,term and annual mileage in your finance calculator.

Not only this,dealers’ will also benefit from the mobile friendly design and the speed the solutions deliver finance quotes. In combination with Bluesky’s many years of responsive website design experience,this can make client’s websites more advanced than ever before. (image flexicalc.png)*What’s different about FlexiCalc compared to other finance solutions?

  • Customer friendly notifications against the relevant part of the quote.
  • The colours used in FlexiCalc reflect the colours used on your website.
  • Monthly payment and a deposit free text fields so that your customers can fill in either one by using the clearly displayed arrows.

Demo FlexiCalc - (link text

What’s different about Finance Finder compared to other finance solutions?

  • A powerful and intuitive online comparison finance tool- Information to help customers to identify their ideal finance package is displayed in an easy to read format with bright colourful graphs that include a number of finance offers tailored to the customer’s search
  • The colours used in Finance Finder reflect the colours used on your website.

Demo Finance Finder - (link text


By: Codeweavers - 15/09/15

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