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Better late than never...

Before Codeweavers Banger got taken on the Bangers4Ben 2015 challenge...

This post is pretty late, but we were working on the banger up until Shaun and Roland started the Bangers4Ben 2015 challenge. At the start of September,this year's Bangers4Ben Challenge team Roland and Shaun, bought a T plate Black Ford Focus for £750 to participate in this year's challenge. (image ford___focus_1999_black-metallic.jpg)It was decided that we would theme the car as 'Flower Power'. Nicola and I (Charlotte) from Codeweavers,took on the challenge of theming the car and decided that metal paint would be the perfect substance to decorate the car!

There was no strategy of how we were going to theme the car with a Flower Power decoration,we simply created a flower pattern freestyle using chalk and went for it with the paint! We started with blue and green colours but we didn't really think the colour had a great impact. We also realised when painting that it was going to take a lot of coats to cover the black of the focus! The verdict was,the car needed pink. Pink,pink and more pink,so this is what happened...Oh,and we decided that the roof needed a large CND symbol!

But this wasn't enough,we needed more layers of paint and we decided we needed flower power stickers! The banger was finally started to look well and truly flower power themed! However, we decided to order lots more stickers and we realised we should probably get the Codeweavers logo printed to!

Before handing the car over to Shaun and Roland for the Bangers4Ben challenge, we decided to add some last-minute touches to the inside of the car - this was the day before the challenge started. We added flower garlands,a flower power cover for the steering wheel and different flower accessories. After feeling very proud that we had finished theming the car,we headed back to the offices. It suddenly dawned on me that I had left the car keys in the focus... oh no! Not to worry I thought,the car is still open... but it wasn't... I got to the car and the focus had automatically locked,with the spare keys in to!

An hour,a locksmith and £95 later, we managed to get into the car without damaging it! Safe to say the spare keys were then put in a safe place. All of the team are looking forward to hearing all about the challenge tomorrow when Shaun and Roland are back in the office. Looking at the Bangers4Ben Twitter feed, it looks as though they will have some very funny stories to tell!


By: Codeweavers - 13/10/15

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